Created to challenge the best of the best in amateur golf, the Elite Amateur Golf Series brings together the top amateur championships in a collective series of competition, the Elite Amateur Cup.

In addition to hosting the best players, Elite Amateur Cup events are contested at the best sites and have the longest history of successful champions. The Elite Amateur Golf Series maintains a proven track record that prepares elite players for the toughest competitive tests, making the championships the majors of amateur golf.


Our mission is to enhance amateur golf by aligning the top competitive amateur championships and providing exceptional playing opportunities for the best amateur golfers to compete at the highest level.


Our vision is to be the most sought-after amateur golf championships that unlock the most competitive landscape to build the game’s next greats.


Success Requires Hard Work

Much like the winner of our series, we know that success doesn’t happen overnight. Even the most talented players must continue to hone their skills. Each of our championships believes in matching the hard work seen on the course off the course as well. We believe that we are successful when we commit the time and effort necessary to ensure we can guarantee our stakeholders a competitive event, on the best courses with a longstanding history of success.

We Are Stronger Together

Each of the championships that make up the Elite Amateur Golf Series maintains a strong reputation and long history on its own. However, we know the future of amateur golf depends on collaboration, innovation and strong relationships. We leave the competition to the players on the course and focus on working together to achieve our ultimate goal - to provide highly competitive opportunities for amateur players to enhance and grow their game. When we work together to grow amateur golf, we are working together to grow the game as a whole.

Give More Than You Take

Golf is known to be an extremely philanthropic sport at every level of the game. Whether it is through charitable giving, sustainability or other areas, we strive to give back in all aspects of the game. Each of our championships has a long history of support from our courses, communities, champions and organizations who support the game. We believe it is our responsibility to also contribute to both the growth of the game and the communities who support us whenever we are able.

Build A Stage You’d Want To Stand On

We are building a stage that will serve as a platform for the game’s future greats to shine. Any event that is a part of our competitive series is held to the highest standard of player experience, community and course partnership, and a competitive field. We believe that if we are going to identify the most elite amateurs in the game we should also maintain an elite competitive environment that is reflective of the talent we host at our events.

Remember History, Think Innovatively

Each of our host organizations and championships has an exceptional history that is unique to the individual event. Our championships have a long list of successful alumni with countless PGA TOUR Tournament and major wins. Additionally, our host courses are known to be some of the best and most competitive in the country. While we never want to forget our longstanding history, we also don’t get caught in the past. We understand that to advance the game for the next generation of elite golfers, we must constantly think innovatively and differently. We work together to find new ways to grow the game and provide more opportunities for the best players to compete and achieve success.

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